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Anti-balling lubricants used in drilling fluids

1. The product description

Anti-balling Lubricants used in drilling fluids are mainly composed of mineral oil, vegetable oil,surface active agent, wetting agent, etc. This product can rapidly spread in the water-based drilling fluid, and be adsorbed directionally on the drill bit, bit cuttings. It improves the surface wettability of drill bits, drill tools and drill cuttings, makes the wettability become lipophilicity, reduces the bit balling and the pump pressure and improves the penetration rate. At the same time, it can also form ion film and lubrication film on the drill bit and drill pipe surface fast and make the clay in drilling fluids is not easy to form balling on drilling tools surface to reduce the friction drag and torque of drilling tools, unblock on trip and reduce the downhole accidents. In addition, this product can effectively prevent the bit balling, which is suitable for using in drilling horizontal well and high angle deviated hole.

2. The performance indicator




Dark brown liquid


Decrease or no change

Reduced rates of mud cake adhesion coefficient, %


Contact Angle


3. product packaging, transportation, storage, dosage

This product uses the iron drum packing, 200kg±2kg

This product should be stored in a cool ventilated place and paid attention to the leak in the process of storage. Shelf life is 24 months.

This product is forbidden to throw and be placed upside down in transit.

This product can directly add to the mud, the recommended amount of 0.5% - 1%.

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