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GX-38 efficient polymer viscosity reducer used in drilling fluids

1. Product introduction

GX - 38 with efficient polymer drilling fluid viscosity agent is my company independent research and development and successful application of Daqing oil field and some big oilfield, a new type of low molecular weight acrylic polymer viscosity agent, white powder. This product can resist high clay invasion and the dispersion of the shale inhibition, good salt resistance and temperature resistance, and also improve drilling fluid rheological property and protecting borehole wall stability. The product viscosity reduction rate can reach more than 80%, suitable for deep and shallow Wells, directional well, etc. This product is domestic initiative.

2. Product effect mechanism

GX - 38 have stronger diluting effect, mainly by the linear structure, the low relative molecular mass, and anionic groups. On the one hand,Low relative molecular mass through hydrogen bonding is preferred adsorption on clay particle, take off the original has been adsorbed on the clay particles of polymer, thus dividing the polymer and clay particle formation "bridge network frame structure; And low molecular weight and viscosity agent with high molecular weight of polymer crosslinking, hindered the polymer and clay form space truss structure, to reduce viscosity and shear force. On the other hand,anionic groups to bring more negative charges of clay particles and hydration layer, make the hydration of clay particles the end surface of the film thickness increases, thus dividing and weakened the clay particles by end to end and end connection between the space truss structure formed by the decreased viscosity.

3. Product performance indicators

Table1   physical and chemical indicators




White powder

The pH


Water, %


Screen residue(aperture 0.9mm    standard screen)%


Table2   Drilling fluid indicators



Room temperature test

Viscosity ratio, %


Apparent viscosity reduction rate, %


150℃ maintenance 16h down to room temperature test

Viscosity ratio, %


Apparent viscosity reduction rate, %


This product can directly add to the water-based drilling fluid, also can match with a certain concentration added, good compatibility with other agents。Can effectively reduce drilling fluid viscosity, improving drilling fluid rheological property and good thixotropy。

Recommend to add quantity 0.1%-0.3%。

4. Packaging, storage and transportation

Product use the three layers composite woven bag packing,net content 25kg

This product is non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting,Stored in the process of moistureproof, prevent leakage, but agglomeration does not affect the use effect, will block smash can continue to use。Period of validity 24months。

Products in the process of transportation it is forbidden to throw, the horse, prevent the rain。

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