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GJ-2 Emulsion Coating Agent for Drilling Fluid

1. Brief introduction of product

The emulsion coating agent for drilling fluid, which is developed and produced by our company, is a high efficient auxiliaries for drilling fluid. The main raw material is acrylic monomers. The monomers synthesize the great molecular weight polymer by inverse emulsion polymerization mechanism. This product can effectively restrain hydrate expansion of mud rock and mud making. Prevent the hole collapse and improve the proppant carrying capacity. It can replace CMC and protect the reservoir. The coating ability is higher. The reason that it can well flocculate the harmful ingredients in drilling fluid makes the efficiency of solid control and the drilling rate be improved.

At the same time it can be added directly in the field use to avoid the phenomenon of micelle in the dissolving process of dry powder macromolecules. Not only the drilling cost can be reduced, but also the labor intensity of workers does. So it is welcomed by users. The compatibility with other treating agents is good. It is also easy to use and control.

2. Mechanism of action

The premise of coating action is that the great molecular weight polymer is adsorbed on the particle in the drilling fluid. It can be adsorbed on the clay particle by the adsorption perssad of macromolecule. Then it will cover and pack the clay particle. Thus the dispersion effect of cuttings will be suppressed. And the polymer can occur the multi-point adsorption on the sidewall surface of mud shale. Plug the micro cracks and prevent the peeling of the shale. When the polymer concentration is higher, it will form a compacted adsorbed film on the sidewall of the shale to stop or slow down the water into the mud shale.

3. Performance index

Table 1 Performance index




White or light yellow liliquoid

pH value


Viscosity of emulsion breaking    mpa.s


Table 2 Index of drilling fluid


Base slurry index

Test index

Apparent viscosity   mpa.s

≥ 6~10


Plastic viscosity   mpa.s



Before using this product, we need to stir it appropriate. It can be added into the well directly. If it is frozen in winter, blue heating makes it thaw. It has no effect on using. The recommended adding amount is 0.1% to 0.5%.

4. Packaging, storage and transportation

Use the plastic bucket of 50kg±0.5kg to pack the product. Or pack it according to user requirements

This product is non-toxic, harmless and non-pollution. The shelf life is 24 months.

It is forbidden to throw and place upside down in the process of transportation. If the solidification phenomenon appears, use the steam to melt. There is no effect on using.

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